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Job search 2024

What Today’s Job Seekers Do Differently

November 28, 2023 /

Relying on job boards is outdated. Here’s what works now. After 4 weeks of job searching with 0 interviews, Kathryn (a Global Communications Executive) began to doubt her value to potential employers. Her resume was lost in the pile of others, and she couldn’t reach the hiring manager or get any type of response.  Maybe…

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Job Search 2024

Harness Your Network to Unlock Your Next Great Role

November 21, 2023 /

Three Practices That Can Help If your job search were a Tolkien quest, your network would be your Fellowship. Don’t wander into Mordor alone. Or, for my non-Tolkien-loving readers: Ignoring your network during your job search is like fishing without bait. You’re making it a lot harder on yourself. By going it alone, you’re essentially…

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Job Strategies

From Overlooked to Must-Hire: Tailored Job Strategies for Digital Marketers Eyeing $150K+ Roles

October 10, 2023 /

Ever felt your marketing expertise goes unnoticed in this job market? You’re not alone. Your knee jerk reaction may be to blanket the market with your resume. Resist the urge. Why? In this highly competitive space, there’s a misleading notion: more applications mean higher chances of landing a role. But from what I’ve observed, this…

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The best way to position yourself in a saturated job market

The Best Way to Position Yourself in a Saturated Job Market

June 8, 2023 /

In a saturated job market, the biggest challenge isn’t the scarcity of jobs but standing out among the crowd. Job seekers need to go beyond their basic qualifications to catch the attention of potential employers. The influx of job seekers, especially in specific sectors like tech, makes this task even more challenging. A crowded job…

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What most job seekers get wrong about LinkedIn blog pic

What Most Job Seekers Get Wrong About LinkedIn (Plus, What to do Instead)

March 14, 2023 /

Did you know that using LinkedIn as a resume placeholder is likely costing you interviews and job offers? It also restricts your network growth and visibility to recruiters. 99% of job seekers aren’t using LinkedIn’s 50+ tools and features to accelerate their job search. Are you one of them? After teaching 600+ job seekers last…

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A better way to message hiring managers on LinkedIn. LinkedIn hiring manager message template

A Better Way to Message Hiring Managers on LinkedIn (with 6 message templates)

February 27, 2023 /

Last March, my husband Eric decided after 10 years of entrepreneurship he was ready to make a career change. He wanted to move into the non-profit sector in a role focused on community health and wellness. While he knew people locally, his online presence was a big zero. His LinkedIn profile was empty, and he…

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