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How to Combat Fake Job Postings, Ghosting, and Drawn-Out Interview Processes

How to Combat Fake Job Postings, Ghosting, and Drawn-Out Interview Processes

May 26, 2024 /

The job market is tougher than it looks right now. The Wall Street Journal reports that the games employers play with job seekers are wreaking havoc on their self-worth. Companies are posting fake jobs to create a pipeline of candidates, drawing out interview processes, and ghosting candidates. These actions leave great candidates in the lurch,…

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switching jobs

Switching Jobs is Hard: Here’s How to Manage it Better

January 4, 2024 /

Your job hunt shouldn’t feel like another 9-to-5. Unfortunately, for most job seekers, that’s what it turns out to be. Writing and customizing resumes and cover letters, updating your LinkedIn profile, filling out online applications, networking, researching companies, and following up –  the sheer volume of tasks required in a job search is overwhelming. It’s…

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finding the right recruiter

Never Miss a Job Opportunity Again: 3 Smart Tactics for Finding the Right Recruiter

January 2, 2024 /

You spend hours on LinkedIn and job boards, but you can’t seem to find recruiters who specialize in your field. It feels like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack. Even when you do connect with recruiters, you’re never quite sure what to say so you stand out in their crowded inbox. From finding…

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messages to recruiters

What Recruiters Want: How to Craft Messages That Open Doors

December 28, 2023 /

You spend hours crafting personalized messages to recruiters, but after clicking send, they disappear into cyberspace without so much as a ‘no thank you’ in response. Then, you worry that if your message is too brief, recruiters won’t see your value, and if you’re too detailed, your message won’t get read. And finally, there’s proper…

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Keep Your Job Search On Track

December 26, 2023 /

Most go off course. To make sure your job search is a success, consider these 5 steps. Oh, the list of things you can’t control that can derail a job search! It’s a long one. Is all the rejection starting to feel personal? I get it. From ghosting to bias to unexpected hiring freezes, there…

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Job search 2024

What Today’s Job Seekers Do Differently

November 28, 2023 /

Relying on job boards is outdated. Here’s what works now. After 4 weeks of job searching with 0 interviews, Kathryn (a Global Communications Executive) began to doubt her value to potential employers. Her resume was lost in the pile of others, and she couldn’t reach the hiring manager or get any type of response.  Maybe…

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