Cover Letters Made Simple

A repeatable system for writing a stand-out cover letter in 15 minutes!

For many job seekers, the cover letter is the most tedious and daunting part of finding a new job you love.


  • It takes you forever to write a good cover letter for each position

  • You’re not sure how to customize your cover letter for different positions

  • You’re stuck on how to address the employment gaps in your resume

  • You don’t know how to shape your cover letter when you’re making a career or industry pivot

  • All the cover letters you’ve sent so far haven’t gotten a good (if any) response

And Googling “how to write a cover letter” doesn’t provide any real help.

Cover letter articles and templates can be helpful if you’re truly new to the job search and you’ve never seen a cover letter before. 

But many job seekers need more nuance and detailed advice than a rigid fill-in-the-blank template can give. 

Plus, these options don’t address a huge problem: you don’t have time to spend an hour or more on each cover letter, writing it from scratch! 

That’s why Cover Letters Made Simple is all about empowering you with a SYSTEM for writing a cover letter unique to each position — in just 15 minutes.

Cover Letters Made Simple Course

Your repeatable system for writing a stand-out cover letter in 15 minutes

When you enroll in Cover Letters Made Simple, you get instant access to …

  • Specific how-to’s, not recommendations or tips — no fluff!

  • Detailed walkthroughs of every paragraph, not just a template on your own to fill out

  • Nuanced instruction about how to talk about career pivots, industry changes, and employment gaps in your cover letter

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The Cover Letters Made Simple System:

Module 1: How to Work Through This Course

Discover how to make the most of this course and apply it to your unique job search and career situation.

Module 2: The Importance of Cover Letters

See cover letters through the eyes of hiring managers and understand how to tailor your cover letter to stand out.

Module 3: The 3 Parts of a Cover Letter

Learn how to write each paragraph — for different career situations, including employment gaps and pivots.

Module 4: Tips, Templates, & Bonuses

Make sure your cover letter gets into the right hands, explore real-life cover letters, get templates, and more.


Fill-in-the-blank cover letter templates (Microsoft Word download)

Never start from scratch; find the template that matches your career situation

10+ samples of professionally written cover letters (.PDF download)

Get inspired by real-life examples that match your industry or career situation

Action verb list of 178 action verbs to improve your resume and cover letter

Power-up your cover letter to be more engaging and more likely to be read

Enroll for $89!

Get instant access to the course content

Jessica Hernandez, founded the Great Resumes Fast executive resume writing services company in 2008

Learn directly from the person LinkedIn News calls “The go-to resource for people looking to land their next job."

Hello, I’m Jessica Hernandez, a career expert regularly consulted in articles for Forbes, Money, CNN, and Fast Company.

Though I’ve been in the job search industry for decades, I recently saw firsthand how daunting it can be to write a cover letter.

When my husband wanted to transition from entrepreneurship to the nonprofit space in 2022, he was spending over two hours on every cover letter he wrote.

Trying to make it perfect. Struggling to adapt it to each position. Unsure how to talk about the pivot he wanted to make.

So, I worked with him to create a simple system to tailor each cover letter for the position he was applying for.

Soon, he was able to write a cover letter in under 15 minutes! Within three days of sending his cover letter to his dream company, he was contacted for an interview.

And within seven days, they made him an offer.

This system is what I now teach you in Cover Letters Made Simple!

Will Cover Letters Made Simple help me?

Cover Letters Made Simple is best for job seekers who …

  • Are entry to professional level

  • Would love more detailed how-to’s than what a template or blog post can provide

  • Feel that cover letters are overwhelming

  • Aren’t getting responses from the cover letters you’re currently sending

  • Need a simple, repeatable system for writing tailored cover letters for different positions!

Cover Letters Made Simple addresses these common career situations:

  • Career pivots

  • Industry change

  • Employment gap (due to raising a family, medical time off, or time off as a caregiver)

  • Currently unemployed due to lay-offs or resigning

  • Longterm unemployment

  • Relocation

  • Simply looking for a better job

Enroll for $89!

Get instant access to the course content


Enroll for $89!

Get instant access to the course content