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As a hiring manager I have seen it all and by all I mean some pretty ‘creative’ e-mail addresses on resumes. For my friends out there that are clueless let me give you a hint; anything personal is not professional.

Let me be specific – I once had a woman apply for a job and her e-mail address ON HER RESUME was Sexkitten69@ whatever her domain was, let me just tell you this is NOT a good email address and promptly landed her in the ‘No’ pile. Anyone that cannot distinguish between what a professional e-mail address is and what an unprofessional e-mail address is a red flag in any hiring manager’s book.

Let me tell you what else qualifies as an unprofessional e-mail address – anything that relates to your personal life. Including hobbies, extracurricular activities, your love for illegal substances (yes I have seen it), sex, political references, relationship status, and anything else that isn’t career related.

So what is a professional e-mail address? Your name, your name and numbers (preferably none that have sexual or negative inuendos), if your in sales is acceptable. not so good.

In this current economic downturn and the increasingly difficult job market I cannot preach it enough hiring decisions are made based on EXCLUSION not INCLUSION. Human Resources professionals, Recruiters, Decision makers are looking for a reason NOT to hire you. So don’t start out on the wrong foot with an unprofessional e-mail address and end up in the ‘No” pile from the start.

Here are a few other recommendations to increase your chances of success:
– Create an e-mail account strictly for job search purposes only.
– Use a combination of name or name and number
– Use this e-mail when sending your resumes out to employers, when posting your resume on job boards, and for including on your resume and cover letter.
– By all means use this e-mail address when you post your resume on craigslist, we are paying attention to the email address we’re responding to.
– Fun, funky, and crazy e-mail addresses are for personal use not for a serious job search.

Keep these tips in mind and you won’t have to worry about ending up in a hiring manager’s ‘No’ pile because your resume doesn’t make the grade. For other job search tips and hints visit

Jessica Holbrook is a former Executive Hiring Manager for Fortune 500 companies and President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast. She creates powerful, customized, and targeted resumes that are guaranteed to get her clients interviews. For a free resume analysis visit or for a free phone consultation call 1.800.991.5187.

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