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Many professionals reach a point in their career where they are ready to move on and accept new challenges or follow a different career path.

If you are a job seeker at the executive level who’s ready to chart a new career path or see what other opportunities are out there, writing a targeted, high-impact resume is the best place to start. Writing a resume yourself can be time-consuming, and it can be very difficult as you try to determine the best resume type to use, the proper format, and try to learn about current trends in resume writing, all while seeking to effectively convey your career experience and strengths during the writing process. If you’re encountering these roadblocks with your executive resume, you may want to consider turning to a professional resume writing service.

An executive-level resume written by a trusted and professional resume writer can provide peace of mind and relieve stress when job searching.

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What is included in executive resume writing services?

When investing in an executive-level resume writing service, there are a few things that you should expect as part of the process if you are using a top resume writing service:

1) A telephone consultation with your resume writer.
2) Some type of guarantee.
3) A modern, authentic, and unique resume. A professionally written resume will not use cookie-cutter templates and content.

For these three basic elements you should expect to pay $900+. However, if you desire a complete job search package to help market and brand you for the career you’re dreaming of you should plan on investing more.

For an executive resume writer who is certified, US-based, conducts a 60-90-minute telephone consultation, does not use questionnaires, and develops personal-brand-focused resumes you can expect to invest between $1,200-$4,000. Pricing will vary based on your experience and any resume writing package extras that are included such as LinkedIn profile writing, coaching, or educational material.

Request service and pricing information for executive resume writing services here.

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Additional executive resume services

When companies hire an executive-level candidate, they will do their research. This means they will look at your social media profiles, and expect other professional documentation to accompany the resume. If you are applying for executive-level positions, here are a few additional documents you should invest in and what you can expect to pay.

Cover Letter
A very specific, well-written, meticulously edited cover letter should accompany every executive resume. For a cover letter writing service, you can expect to invest $125-$200, depending on your needs.

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is the social media site that dominates the professional world. If you are applying for an executive-level job, hiring managers will expect your LinkedIn account to be an accurate and exciting representation of who you are. A potential employer will look up your LinkedIn profile at some point during the hiring process. If you are an executive without a LinkedIn profile, you need one. If you have one, but it’s not updated or is just a skeleton profile, you need to update it. You should expect to invest around $400-$600 for this service.

Executive Career Biography
An executive career biography is a detailed description of what you have accomplished as an executive and any awards that you may have received. In addition to your resume or CV, this will give hiring managers the opportunity to understand how great you really are. To receive a quality executive career biography, you will invest roughly $500-$700.

Thank-You Note / Post-Interview Follow-Up
Although a thank-you note is a simple document, it can leave a big impression. Therefore, a detailed, thoughtful thank-you note is certainly worth a little extra cash. If you are looking for a thank-you note that will put you at the top of the callback list, you should expect to invest around $150-$300.

The amount of time, frustration, and stress that investing in a professionally written executive-level resume will save you is worth its weight in gold. So, as you start your job search don’t be afraid to invest in yourself and your future by working with a top-rated resume writing service and a professional resume writer that cares about your success.

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Final Tip

I advise you to avoid resume mills. One online resume service is not equal to another. When it comes to your career, you want to invest in the best resume writing service possible—it is literally an investment in your future. Resume mills are not the best resume writing service—they are far from it. When you search “affordable resume writing services” on Google, remember you are most likely to come up with resume writing mills, not top resume writing services that will provide you with a current resume that is actually worth the money you pay for it.

To cut costs, resume mills hire writers who are not certified or trained in resume writing and provide them templates to use. They also avoid telephone consults and instead work from your original resume and worksheets or questionnaires that you have to put work into to fill out. In the end, the quality and results of your resume will suffer and it is less likely that you will land an interview and get hired in the executive position of your choice. It’s always better to have a custom resume written for specific positions you’re targeting. Qualified, professional resume writers will always write a resume customized for you and targeted to your career goals.

At Great Resumes Fast, a top-rated resume writing service, our team of professional resume writers are certified and experienced, coming from careers across a number of industries and with experience in human resources positions. Before writing your resume, our writers will have a phone conversation with you—this is more than just an interview, it’s an actual conversation where they learn about you so that your unique career experience and executive brand can be effectively worked into your new, effective resume. We know that personal branding is a crucial part of a successful executive resume. You won’t just be asked to fill out a survey and tell us the years of experience you had at each job. We talk to you and learn about you so we can tailor your resume to fit your needs, and we guarantee a quick turnaround time and satisfaction with the results of your resume.

If you’d like to learn more about our top-rated resume writing service and our professional team of certified resume writers, head on over to our About Page. If you would like to see resume samples, head over to our resume sample page. And, if you’re still considering writing your executive resume yourself, peruse more articles in our blog to find resume writing tips and advice that can help you create a resume that gets the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.

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