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What you need is a competitive advantage, something that gets the hiring manager’s attention, causes him or her to keep reading your resume, and ultimately, pick up the phone and call for the interview.  How do you differentiate yourself from all the other people seeking the same opportunity?  Simply put, value.


If you were going to purchase a new laptop computer or a new car, chances are you would do your research.  If you weren’t sure which make and model you wanted, you would test drive the car.  Or you would go to Best Buy and play with the display laptops to decide which one was best for you.  What you’re really looking for is the one car or computer with VALUE.  The one that meets your needs and wants.  When I say value here, I’m not necessarily speaking in terms of money.  I’m speaking in terms of benefits.  What are you going to get from purchasing that particular car or that exact laptop?  What does it have that the others don’t?  What makes it unique—so much so that you decided to purchase it?  Obviously, something about it appealed to you.  Was it the software programs, speed, extras, perks, mileage, design, etc.  You get where I’m going with this.  There are certain aspects that compelled you to purchase that exact item.  You perceived its value and that it was the perfect match for your needs.


Now put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes.  It’s just like when you went searching for that perfect new car or laptop.  When an employer reviews your resume he is thinking about taking you out for a test drive—he is searching for your value.  What do you have to offer that the other 500 job seekers who applied don’t?  How does your value fit their needs?  When you can show the employer the value you offer them—and how that value isn’t like anyone else’s—you begin to create a competitive advantage for yourself.  And you position yourself to receive a greater number of call backs for interviews and job offers. The key is to create content on your resume that showcases your value to the employer in a way that makes them realize, “Wow, this person is the perfect fit and more.”

When the employer realizes what a great a match you are, he will decide to take you for a test drive—he will pick up the phone, and he will call.  Does this mean a little extra work for you?  Well, it means you have to discern what your value is and what makes you unique from every other job seeker.  Then you have to communicate that on your resume to the potential employer.  Does your value change?  Absolutely.  With each different position or different industry, you offer something that the employer needs.  It’s your job to discover what the employer needs and then translate how you can meet that need into a well-crafted resume.  No two employers need the same thing; therefore, no two resumes will be the same.  And the value you offer the employer may change with each resume, depending on the organization’s needs.  Sure, it may mean a little more work up front, but if it’s the difference between an extra ten minutes now and an extra six months in your job search, wouldn’t you rather invest the time now?

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