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Okay, you did a bad thing. But you’re not a bad person, are you? And you deserve a job.

The problem often is convincing other people that a criminal record doesn’t define you. You might actually be surprised to find out that a good many companies completely agree with that.

Eric Mayo is a motivational speaker and the author of “From Jail to a Job,” which is available on Amazon. On his website,, Eric lists a number of companies that are willing to take a chance on people who have taken a wrong turn in their lives. You might be surprised to find that many of the names are highly recognizable – it’s not just McDonalds and Dollar Stores.

Much of the time, people with criminal records feel that they have no hope of gainful employment, no matter what they’ve done to change their lives. To be sure, it is difficult for felons to get good jobs once they’re released, but according to Mayo, it’s not impossible. He firmly believes that a second chance can be earned, and people with criminal records can become employable. Of course, if people who have blemishes on their background don’t begin with companies that have a history of offering those second chances, they can quickly become discouraged.

If you have a record, your best course of action is to apply to a company that does not discriminate. That way, your qualifications will be considered in just the same way as those of someone who has never made a mistake. You’ll still have to try to get hired, but you’ll do it on your merits, not on your record.

If you feel that you can compete with anyone else, independent of your criminal record, then seek out companies that have hiring policies that are favorable to offenders and ex-offenders. The type of job for which you’ll be eligible will likely depend on the nature of your offense, but there are companies out there that will still consider you.

If you have a record and are looking for work, or if you know someone in the same situation, then check out Eric’s website. In addition to offering a list of companies that will take a chance on you, he also welcomes questions from felons who are looking to enter the workforce. You don’t have to give up hope!

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