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Get out there, brand yourself, and start getting the attention you deserve from hiring managers.

I think I am officially dubbing this week as ‘personal branding awareness week’.  So far this week, I’ve discussed personal branding pertaining to your job search, your resume, and your LinkedIn profile.  I want to elaborate a bit further on the benefits of branding—and why it’s so crucial to your job search.

If I’m preaching to the converted, then please feel free to bypass this article.  (Perhaps you’d rather read some great strategies for increasing your resume response rate—it was one of our articles from last week.)  But if you’re here for the personal branding repertoire of information I’ve been downloading for all job seekers this week, then you’ve come to the right place.

A personal brand is more than just a statement—it’s your reputation online and off, and it has far-reaching effects.  Branding is still a relatively new concept; although the idea has been around for some time, few have put it into practice.  This means it’s a competitive advantage if you use it!  And you should—because in this market, if you’re looking for a job, then you need a leg up on your competition.  The point I’m trying to make is: start using it now before it becomes mainstream and everyone else is using it.

Here are a few places/ways to use personal branding (You are going to utilize personal branding, right?)

1. Your resume.  Don’t just create a branding statement at the top—infuse your entire resume with your brand.  Support your reputation with facts and figures.

2. Your cover letter. Add quotes from previous supervisors or elaborate in a different and creative way your reputation and why you offer something others don’t.

3. Your LinkedIn Profile.  There is no better way to be found by the 90% of employers searching online for candidates.  Build your brand, and they will come.

4. Your Google Profile. Create one and you’ll be on the first page of results when someone Googles you.  It’s yet another way in which you can direct which information employers find about you!  While you’re at it, set up Google alerts to find relevant openings and what your name is busy doing on the Internet.

5. Your Twitter Profile.  You have a bio and 200 characters to tell me who you are and what you have to offer.  There is no better time to be concise, crystal clear, and to make your mark.

6. Your thank you letters.  You are sending these, aren’t you?  Most people don’t.  Again, another advantage.  Want the offer?  Send the letter.

7. Your e-mail signature.  Most people don’t include their branding statement beneath their e-mail signature—and far fewer include links to their online profiles like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google.  Lead them to more compelling information about you.  Especially information that includes recommendations written by other people about their out-of-this-universe experience with you!

8. Last but not least, my favorite new idea – BRAND YOUR BLOG! What is that you say—you don’t have a blog?  It’s so easy to create one; do it now!  Well, not right this second—but as soon as you’re done reading this article.  I personally believe there is no better way to position yourself as a subject matter expert, industry leader, and thought leader than to develop a blog where you talk about your passion, vision, and expertise in your industry.  When you write about what you do best, people will take notice—and they will consider you an expert.  Position yourself in this way and you are just opening the door to more opportunities.  Before you know it, recruiters and hiring managers will start finding you—instead of you searching for them.

We have a passion for helping job seekers discover what makes them unique, translating their passion and vision into compelling career documents and a job search that captures the hiring manager’s attention, lands the interview, and wins the offer.  Great Resumes Fast guarantees job search success.  Find out more about resume writing or learn about LinkedIn profile development and why—if you’re not on LinkedIn—you just don’t exist for some employers.


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  1. Marcia Robinson on June 4, 2012 at 7:39 am

    Great advice about 8 ways to use signatures to help with Personal Branding.

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