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To understand why your resume isn’t getting any callbacks, you first have to ask yourself a few questions. First, are you applying for jobs that you’re qualified for? If yes, are you customizing your resume each time you apply for jobs you’re qualified for? If you’re not, see my article: “4 Tips for Making Your Resume a Perfect Match”. If you are tailoring your resume to the position (using the tips mentioned in the above article) and you’re completely qualified for the job, then let’s explore some other reasons.

Job Board and Applying Online

Applying online and using job boards is a numbers game. Unfortunately, with unemployment hanging around 8% for what feels like forever now, the reality is that the numbers are against you. There are lots of other candidates who may be just as qualified applying for the exact same role. Need a solution? Diversify your search. Don’t just apply online on job boards. Use other means to job search. Need examples? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook—in other words, social networking. Get out there and start making connections.

Going Offline

You can’t stay inside on the computer all the time. Sometimes you have to get out and meet some people. Have you logged off the computer and set out to meet some people face to face? What about networking meetings, association meetings, or just chatting up a neighbor or the person in line at the grocery store? You never know when you’ll meet someone who might have a connection that could get your foot in the door.

Are You Trying Anything Different?

Yes, networking online and off can be excellent ways to meet decision makers or get names, but have you tried anything different? For example, when I returned to work after staying home with my oldest for a year after she was born I knew I wanted to get right back into staffing. So what did I do? I looked up the addresses for every staffing agency and recruiting firm within a 25-mile radius of my house, and I mailed them a copy of my resume and cover letter. Sure, it may take a little extra time, but ultimately I received several callbacks, had some great interviews, and accepted a new position!

If you’re using a well-written resume, applying for jobs you’re qualified for,  and customizing your resume to each application, chances are it’s not your resume at all—it’s your job search technique. Making a few small changes could mean the difference between no calls and your next great opportunity!

It’s important to remember to brand your resume before applying to each new position for more information on branding check out my recent article 5 Key Areas to Target When Branding Your Resume. You can also get additional job search and career related advice by checking out our blog or following us on Twitter @GreatResume.

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  2. […] 9. Why Isn’t My Resume Generating Calls for Interviews? Wondering where your resume could be missing the mark? This article has the answer. […]

  3. […] 9. Why Isn’t My Resume Generating Calls for Interviews? Wondering where your resume could be missing the mark? This article has the answer. […]

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