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Your resume should communicate your experience, expertise, value, personal brand, accomplishments, and contributions—among other things.  What it should not be is a word-for-word rundown of your last job’s description.

If your resume consists mainly of bullet points that only list your previous responsibilities and duties, then you’re doing yourself a great disservice in your job hunt—and you’re boring the hiring manager or recruiter who’s reviewing your resume.  Job duties are considered the minimum requirements—and a bulleted list conveys only that you were able to meet the minimum requirements for the position.  It doesn’t show the employer your ability to go above and beyond, to produce results, or to contribute significantly to the team or company.

Providing accomplishment- and contribution-based statements will give the hiring manager a more in depth view of what you can bring to the table, what value you offer as an employee, and what you will most likely achieve for the organization.  A critical element is choosing the best and most applicable accomplishments and contributions.  For example, in human resources, reducing turnover and fill time is a hot topic.  Reducing turnover saves the company money—and so does reducing the fill time for open positions.  These are two critical elements that the successful hiring manager addresses on a regular basis.  So elaborating on your successes and accomplishments in this area would most likely have the hiring manager looking very favorably at you.  Each industry and position has different core criteria that are extremely important to the success of that position and person.  Take those duties that you’re still listing on your resume and turn them into accomplishment- and contribution-based statements.  You’re still telling the employer that you met the requirements of the position, but now you’re also showing them how you exceeded them and the results they can expect from you as an employee.

After all, history repeats itself—and if they see that you’ve accomplished it before, they’re naturally going to assume that you will again.  Show them you’re not just a “squeaks by on the minimum requirements” type employee but that you go above and beyond the call of duty—and you’ll be surprised at how soon your phone starts ringing.

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  1. Rolando Ramirez on March 2, 2010 at 10:48 am

    Excellent post. I am a volunteer instructor for a resume writing workshop for professionals in transition and this is the biggest point we work to get across to people. Short, concise, results/accomplishments driven bullet points that are easy on the eyes for recruiters and emphasize what you can do for the hiring manager.

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