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If you’ve heard that LinkedIn is becoming a job search dinosaur, put that notion out of your mind immediately. It’s still a place where professionals go to look for jobs and to improve their personal brands. Companies still use LinkedIn to hire, and people still use it to network. In fact, LinkedIn has recently developed two exciting new tools that can help you with your networking and job hunting.

LinkedIn Elevate

Did you know that for every six pieces of content a member of LinkedIn shares, they will usually make two new connections and get, on average, six profile views? Their company will get three Company Page views, six job views, and a Company Page follower. So why is it that companies aren’t encouraging their employees to do more on LinkedIn?

It’s because they don’t have the right tools to curate their content and suggest it to their employees, or to measure the effect on their bottom line. LinkedIn Elevate could change all that. This exciting new tool uses human curation along with algorithmic recommendations from Newsle and LinkedIn Pulse to keep employees supplied with a wide range of shareable, relevant content. Employees can share content on social media, and use Elevate’s scheduling capabilities to make sure that their content is shared at the best possible time—when their networks are highly active.

Powerful analytics make it possible for employees to see how often their content has been re-shared, liked, or commented on, and how many people actually viewed their content. Their companies receive the same data, along with information as to how many Company Page followers and job views they’ve received.

Currently, LinkedIn Elevate is available only by invitation, but will soon be generally available.


Imagine learning more about the people you e-mail during your day’s work, without actually having to engage in a lot of back-and-forth, and without having to search out their LinkedIn profiles. You can do it with inShare. This exciting new tool allows you to sync your Yahoo Mail account with your LinkedIn account, so you can see their LinkedIn profile, job title, and company—all without leaving your Yahoo Mail.

LinkedIn has partnered with Yahoo to enable you to connect your LinkedIn and Yahoo Mail simply by clicking the gear icon in Yahoo Mail. You simply select settings, then accounts, and click on “connect” next to LinkedIn. Then, when you mouse over a contact’s name in a message, you’ll see all their LinkedIn information. Another click sends you to their full LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is always looking for ways to keep you connected. These are just the most recent. Visit the LinkedIn blog page regularly to see what else is on the horizon.

You can read more about LinkedIn Elevate and inShare from the official blog posts below.

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