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“I have recruiters reaching out to me, but the positions they’re contacting me for are junior-level roles. I’m searching for a senior executive position.” Michael shared in a disappointed tone on our first call.

“My current resume is way too wordy and has 10+ bullets under each role. I’m sure that’s why I’m applying to these great roles and hearing crickets”, he added.

“Michael, I’m concerned about your resume. Not only is it wordy but it only shares what you’ve done and not what you’ve ACHIEVED. None of the great accomplishments that would interest employers are on your resume and it isn’t branded or positioned for a $300,000 role. This is why you haven’t been getting calls.” I explained.  
What Michael needed was a resume that communicated his value, the impact he could make, and his personal brand as a Senior Vice President.

He had a beautiful career history—nice progression, no gaps, and well-respected companies. As with most strong IT professionals, he was frequently contacted by recruiters but was having challenges getting positions at the senior executive level.
He also wanted to move his family from the East Coast to the West Coast. Added challenge.

We worked with Michael through a 90-minute VIP consultation to get a clearer picture of his top achievements for each organization.

We sought to answer: how was the company better because of you?

His new executive resume conveyed his story, the impact he could make, and presented him at a higher level. It highlighted relevant accomplishments that piqued the interest of his future employers. It got them to say “Look what he did for Company X. He can do the same for us!”

We also optimized his LinkedIn profile to reflect his senior executive brand and attract the interest of recruiters who were looking for VP-level candidates.

After using the new executive resume and LinkedIn profile, he immediately started receiving interview requests for VP of IT positions. He accepted his dream job as a Vice President with a progressive company, a 30% salary increase, and a fully paid relocation out West.

It’s so important to communicate what you’ve achieved vs. what you do. There’s a big difference between content that mirrors a job description and content that paints a picture of what you’re capable of achieving for a future employer.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s the hardest part for you when it comes to writing your resume?

Is it telling your story?

Is it knowing what to include and what to leave out?

Or, maybe it’s trying to get past applicant tracking systems?

Let me know where you’re struggling, I’d love to address it in an upcoming email.

In the meantime, are you ready to maximize your job search efforts? Schedule your free resume strategy session now. We’ll review your current resume, discuss your goals for your next career move, and see if/how we can help.

Happy Job Searching!

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