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Most job seekers have worked in more than one industry or position in their lifetime.  It would be far-fetched to say you’ve been a CEO, COO, VP of Sales, director of HR … throughout your entire career.  Like most, you’ve progressed through the ranks, either internally through an organization or by moving in and out of different organizations as you climbed the ladder of career success.  Now here you are, an Executive level job seeker and you’re on the hunt for the next great opportunity.  Problem is, your resume is all over the place.  It’s a hodgepodge of this position, that experience, and oh yeah … might as well throw in a bunch of stuff about all the different industries you’ve worked in too.  If this sounds like you, then keep reading because we’re going to discuss three strategies to focus your resume and eliminate the multiple personalities issues currently holding it back.

I have an amazing resume, professionally written (by you of course) and absolutely no bites, call backs, or even any remote interest.

The issue is probably that keywords, job titles, industries, and varied accomplishments look like they threw up all over your resume with no rhyme or reason.  When a hiring manager reviews your resume he or she is most likely thinking, “I have no idea where to put this person, what he really wants to do, or if he’s even qualified for this position.”

If you have experience and expertise in several different areas it certainly is not a negative, but blasting everything you have ever done all over your resume—where it looks like job titles and keywords just threw up all over it—is not going to get you an interview … or a call back for that matter.  Here are three points you should consider in order to clean up your executive resume, communicate your purpose, and customize it:


Pick one position, one role, one industry.  Highlight everything you’ve achieved around this one opportunity and create a dynamic supporting document that addresses the crucial requirements of the position and emphasizes the unique value you create for the organization.


Develop a personal branding statement built around the executive position you are pursuing, as well as your expertise, talent, passion, and vision.  Then tie in every other aspect of your resume (keywords, accomplishments, executive profile) so that they support your executive brand and your job search goals.


The content of your resume should act as supporting evidence for the fact that you are the perfect person for the position.  If it requires skills A, B, and C then show them how you’ve met or exceeded those requirements.  Use quantifiable accomplishments as much as possible.  Do not bog down the resume with accomplishments and contributions that are not directly related to the position, requirements of the position, or preferred requirements.  First address exactly what the person MUST HAVE to operate in the role—and do this in the first one-third of your resume.  Front load the resume with content, keywords, and a personal branding statement that shouts: “HEY!  I’M THE EXECUTIVE YOU’VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!”

Everything about your resume should address the key points of the job description and answer the question: “Are you a perfect fit for this job?” with a resounding “YES!!!”  Be sure you take one last look at the position description and compare it to your resume to ensure you have addressed every crucial requirement within your resume.  Tailor your executive resume—every time—to the role you want and for the organizations you want to lead, and it will tremendously impact your job search.

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    This is great information in this competitive economy. Focus is very important.

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