Case Study

How this Vice President accepted an exciting position in a brand new industry — in just three weeks

“I really felt like the Great Resumes Fast team was invested in my success. They had a genuine interest in my goals, asking, ‘Are you able to get to where you want to go, and how do we support you in that?’ It was clear they wanted me to succeed beyond the job they were doing.” - Jeremy, Vice President in Human Resources

The Client

Jeremy, Vice President in Human Resources

Jeremy came to Great Resumes Fast when he realized it was time to find a new professional challenge. After 20+ years in his previous executive role at a healthcare company, he was looking for an opportunity for personal and professional growth, a change in scenery, and more time to spend with his family.

He loved his previous company, so he wanted to ensure he maintained many of the aspects of that role, including the great workplace environment, healthy company culture, and competitive salary.

The Challenge

Translate Jeremy’s healthcare experience and skills into a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile that hiring managers from any industry would appreciate

Jeremy’s biggest challenge was to make sure his resume didn’t limit him to his current industry, healthcare.

As he began his initial job search, he quickly realized that every industry had its own lingo — from the job titles to the descriptions of skills and experience required. So he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to cast the wide net he wanted to, translating his healthcare-specific experience into global terms that would apply to every industry.

Additionally, after 20+ years with one company, Jeremy struggled to feel confident navigating the nuances of the contemporary job market and wasn’t sure his resume would resonate with hiring managers.

“I remember looking at my LinkedIn profile and my resume and saying, ‘I really have not pursued externally a job seriously in 21 years, and I have no idea if what I'm offering is contemporary, is relevant, is impactful. I know I have a lot of great expertise, I know I have a lot of good experience, and I've learned a lot and I've grown a lot, but am I showing that?’ ”

The Solution

Great Resumes Fast’s process not only delivers a personalized resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter templates but also advises clients on how to navigate their job search

Jeremy found a partner in Great Resumes Fast.

Beyond the resume writing process itself, Great Resumes Fast was there to educate Jeremy on the job market he was exploring and offer hands-on training and feedback for engaging with recruiters and hiring managers — based on his goals.

Some of the elements of this partnership included…

  • A new resume that positioned his growth, experience, and skills in a way that any industry would recognize as right for the executive role he was pursuing

“I remember that for my current role when I met with a hiring manager, there were surprisingly no questions about my resume. Without this experience, there probably would have been more curiosity and questions about the resume, like ‘What does this mean, what does that mean?’ Instead, the interview was just about me, like, ‘Alright, impressive resume. Let's talk about you.’ "

  • A section at the top of his resume + a new LinkedIn profile that highlighted the intangible qualities he was looking for vs. a specific role or industry

“Great Resumes Fast re-organized my resume to make sure that it led with what was important to me and what I was looking for, with a powerful description at the top to summarize. That really helped me get interviews for positions that matched what I wanted. Otherwise, I think those intangible things could have gotten lost in the conversation.”

  • Custom email cover letter templates and LinkedIn templates + training on how to personalize them for every role to launch his job search

“The experience wasn't like a plug and play, ‘Hey, we're gonna do everything for you.’ No, it was, ‘We're going to make sure that you can present yourself in the best possible light, and we're going to give you some tips to make sure you're doing that consistently.’ ”

As a result…


Two high-quality offers from companies in completely different industries in just 3 weeks

Using the assets and training he’d received from Great Resumes Fast, in just three weeks, Jeremy was fielding offers from two different companies, each aligning with the qualities he was looking for.

This was the best possible scenario for Jeremy because he was now able to choose the position, company, and industry that most called to him.

Ultimately, within four weeks of working with Great Resumes Fast, he had accepted a vice president role in a new industry and was able to move his family to a dream location!

“I credit the support of Great Resumes Fast to getting to a point of having two offers from two great organizations and being able to make a call about what made the most sense for me.”

Jeremy believes the confidence he gained from his experience with Great Resumes Fast contributed to achieving his new role

“What I always come back to is that this process gave me the confidence that I was putting my best foot forward. That was through three avenues. One was how I represented myself on LinkedIn, not just in my profile, but how I interact on LinkedIn with opportunities. Two was how to shape a cover letter for my level of role. Three was the resume — knowing how to personalize it for each position and ensure that my resume gets noticed.”

Why Jeremy recommends Great Resumes Fast

Great Resumes Fast serves as a trusted advisor to their clients, not just a resume writer.

Out of all the resume-writing options on the market, Jeremy chose Great Resumes Fast because he wanted more than a new resume. He wanted support and guidance as he re-entered the job market and pursued a major life shift.

“To me, Great Resumes Fast is a trusted advisor who knows the job-search space and knows the journey, who has seen others go through this journey, and who you can have the confidence to say, ‘They're going to have my best interests at heart and be able to position me to be successful.’ ”

“This was not a, ‘Sit back and let us do the work for you’ experience. This was about, ‘How do we become a trusted advisor for you, partner with you, help you position who you are and what you do in a way that best showcases your passion, your interests, your experiences?’ ”

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