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Guest post from David Alan Carter

Writing a resume? Then you’re looking to sell a product. And despite the troubled economy, employers are looking to buy. Companies are continually on the lookout for specific human resources to satisfy a range of needs. Depending upon how well you tickle those needs in your resume, your “product” could move up to the top shelf, be called in for a test drive, and ultimately purchased. Or rather, put on the payroll for services rendered.

How to get your product on that payroll? While a bar code on your backside probably wouldn’t hurt, I’m thinking more in terms of aligning your resume toward the specific needs of your future boss.

What Motivates Employers?

Companies are like people, only with multiple heads. They’re hungry, greedy and self-protecting. And once those needs are met, driven to be recognized in the larger society. From a practical point of view, how do those needs translate in the mind of your future boss?

  • -The Need to Make Money (This is company survival at the very basic. Also included in this category: the need to expand business, attract new customers, and retain existing customers.)
  • -The Need to Save Money (To the bottom line, saving money is as good as making it.)
  • -The Need to Save Time (As they say, time is money.)
  • -The Need to Make Work Easier/More Efficient (Especially the boss’ work.)
  • -The Need to Solve A Specific Problem (Usually relating to making money, saving money, or workplace efficiency.)
  • -The Need to Build/Improve An Image (Yes, a good image can be a money machine, but a good image is also gratifying to that multi-headed corporate entity for warm and fuzzy reasons, much like one’s own personal reputation can be a source of pride. Of course, warm and fuzzy only comes into play after the more basic needs are met.)

So, Before Writing A Resume…

…research your future employer. Target a company that you want to be your next employer. Ideally, target the hiring manager to whom you would report. Can you identify his/her buying motivators? Do a little research on the company. What are the trends for the company and its industry? Where has the company placed its priorities going forward? Can you spot notable challenges that are holding the company back from achieving its best in the marketplace?

Know How You Fit In

Your job now is to identify those traits and strengths within your professional self that directly address the needs of your next employer. Are you a problem solver? Are you a sales machine? Got a knack for improving office organization? A skilled writer?

Now you’ve got a skeleton to work with in crafting your resume. Your actual accomplishments in jobs past will help put flesh on those bones.

Having trouble identifying your strengths and putting them into proper language? Now might be a good time to consider a professional resume writer. But beware, not all are created equal.

Former recruiter David Alan Carter, while offering tips and help with resume writing for DIY job seekers, also provides in-depth Resume Writer Reviews of the Web’s most popular resume services at the site, reviewing quality of workmanship, spelling out their pricing, and giving each a star ranking.


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