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Guest Post by: Laura Smith-Proulx

“Why job search now? I’m planning to relax over the holidays,” is a common refrain. Of course, it’s easy to get caught up in holiday fever this time of year, concentrating on family, travel plans, holiday decor, and all the traditional activities.

However, savvy job hunters and networkers know there’s NOTHING like the magic of the holiday season to invigorate a job search. Don’t believe those who tell you to wait until January, or that employers are too busy to talk with you. By ignoring the conventional wisdom and putting yourself out there during the holidays, you can find jobs that others simply didn’t realize were available.

Each year, thousands of professionals are hired during December, and here are 3 key reasons why:

1 – There’s less applicants in circulation.

You’ll find that, with many professionals taking a breather from the job hunt, there simply aren’t as many people looking for work. Use this fact to your advantage by staying in front of employers in any way possible throughout the holiday season. You’ll gain a much stronger reception when you don’t have to compete with so many other job hunters. Of course, it’s a long-standing myth that hiring needs are at a peak during the January-to-May timeframe.

Business needs are different from industry to industry, and you can find that some companies actually need MORE people this time of year. So, go ahead and get in front of everyone else by being prepared and ready to land the perfect job long before your colleagues catch on. Prepare your resume, get in top interviewing form, and dust off that interview suit, just in case Santa comes early with a new job for YOU.

2 – Year-end budgets often dictate hiring needs.

Given that businesses often don’t stop production during the holidays, there’s still a ton of job openings to go around during the last few months of the year. In addition, some hiring budgets operate on an annual basis, meaning that Human Resources needs to find a new employee before the year is out. In other words, you could be the answer to a hiring manager’s holiday wishes by simply maintaining the momentum in your job hunt and keeping an eye out for new potential opportunities.

3 – Holiday events are perfect for networking.

Your next job lead could come from the literally dozens of people you can meet–some of them key decision-makers, or those with access to them–at holiday events. Get in the right mindset by thinking about the long-term effects of building these relationships, and how they can help your career over time. Aim to seek out and engage prospective colleagues who might work at your ideal employers, as much as the leaders in your desired industry.

Remember that networking is all about developing relationships that will produce business contacts. Focus on how you can introduce yourself and who you can get to know, rather than on your job situation, thus turning nearly any community, family, or business event into a networking opportunity. This is also the perfect time of year to polish an “elevator speech” that tells your new contacts who you are professionally and the type of results you gain in your work. Strong companies are always on the lookout for the perfect candidate, and that includes those diligent enough remain focused on a job search, despite what you hear from others who are waiting for January to arrive.

Continuing to market your skills and network with a purpose could mean that you’ll soon ring in the New Year with a new job to match it.

Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC is the Executive Director of An Expert Resume and a former recruiter who helps organizational leaders and executives land the job of their choice. Her work has been nominated for 6 global awards, and published in the Expert Resumes series, Same-Day Resume, the Quick Resume and Cover Letter Book, and Resumes for the Rest of Us.


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