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Do you ever wonder why other candidates are bombarded with calls for interviews and are fielding offers for jobs left and right … while you’re struggling to garner any attention at all from hiring managers? It could be as simple as the resources these candidates have available to them and how they utilize them.

When you need your taxes done you hire a tax preparer, and when your car is broken you take it to a mechanic, right? So when your job search is busted and isn’t working right who do you go to?

Getting the help your job search so desperately needs

Professional resume writers – A certified resume writer can objectively review your experience and credentials and create a compelling resume with information you never would have thought to include. Sometimes a third party’s perspective can be priceless.

Recruiters – Partnering with a staffing agency or recruiting firm can provide access to positions you would not have otherwise had the opportunity to explore.

Niche Job Boards – Nothing against Monster or CareerBuilder, but sometimes being on a niche job board can really help direct your job search in a more productive way.

Resume posting services – Did you know there are services out there that can post your resume to numerous job boards for you in the blink of an eye? Posting it to all the major job boards yourself could take 60+ hours. If you really need to get yourself out there, consider using a posting service.

Recruiter distribution services – Similar to posting services, there are services that also take your resume and cover letter and distribute them to recruiters who WANT it—and have openings available. Normally these lists are proprietary, and you won’t find them to be accessible to the general public. It’s almost like having your own support group of thousands of recruiters looking for positions that match your expertise. At the very least, they’ll have your information in their databases—so if a relevant position becomes available, they can simply search the databases to find your information and then contact you.

Interview Coaches – If your resume is getting you interviews, but once you get to the interview you’re not getting the offer, maybe it’s something amiss in the interview process. Sitting down with an interview coach and working through mock interviews can help you to address any weaknesses you may have and be better prepared the next time around. Plus, a professional interview coach can easily pick up on something you may have otherwise missed; and a small tweak in your interview style could be the difference between no interviews and choosing between offers.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list of resources but touches on the major ways that job seekers can reach out and get the assistance they so desperately need. Remember, when you need help, seek out professional assistance; these people are experts at what they do. Your competition is out there with a professionally written resume using these resources and securing interviews and choosing between offers. It’s time you had the competitive advantage!

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