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A funny thing happens as you become more and more successful: you find yourself outsourcing certain things to save time. For those who dedicate their lives to building executive careers, it often becomes necessary to pay someone else to do some things—from ironing your shirts to walking your dog—when you have 12-hour workdays. It comes as no surprise then that many of our clients are busy business leaders who simply don’t have time to manage the task of marketing their own careers. Should you be employing some special helpers with your executive job search?

Professional resume writers
There are several reasons why executives are particularly in need of a professional resume writer. For one thing, the time involved in accurately capturing a 6-figure skill set on your resume is simply better spent networking with other professionals in your field. Think about it: You could spend 10 hours of your weekend hunched over your laptop, trying to explain your career—or you could attend two different networking events and still have time to see your family.
The second reason to work with a certified resume writer is simple: it’s our job to know exactly what companies are seeking. With the advent of applicant tracking systems and online job boards, the correct way to construct a resume has changed dramatically over the last decade. Chances are, you’ve been too busy running a business somewhere to worry about the best way to assemble a resume these days. That’s where we come in.

The last time I was looking for a job, thoughtful family and friends handed me business cards for every recruiter they knew. While their intentions were good, setting up meetings for me with recruiters who worked in completely unrelated industries actually put me in some awkward situations. Truthfully, finding a recruiter who can be helpful to your specific job search is a tricky business. At a very minimum, you should only be working with recruiters who regularly place employees into executive or 6-figure positions. An inexperienced recruiter who typically works with entry-level candidates simply doesn’t have the connections to assist with placing you.
How do you find the right recruiters? One strategy is to research which recruiting firms have relationships with your target companies. While some busy professionals actively dislike being contacted by those looking for work, recruiters, on the other hand, love to hear from job seekers. Don’t be afraid to e-mail someone and tell them that you’ve heard they do a great job placing executives in your local market.

As you start to look for 6-figure jobs in your community, you’ll start to see patterns in which staffing companies are recruiting for these positions. These are the recruiters with whom you need to be working: those with experience in your industry and connections in your target companies.

The farther along you are in your career, the more likely you are to need help getting the right resume in front of the right people. We strongly encourage you to look into professional resume writing services. We can prepare your documents while you’re out doing what you do best—determining the person most capable of getting your new resume in front of your next boss.

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