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So, you can’t get a job because of the economy, huh?  While this might be a legitimate reason, it is not necessarily the only reason.  I was unaware, but apparently some employers are not exactly welcoming all job seekers to apply for their job opportunities.

In a recent article, there is talk about discrimination against unemployed job candidates.  If you’re unemployed, be on the look out for job advertisements that discourage you from applying; on the other hand, you may need to be currently working just for consideration of employment.  This type of discrimination can reduce the confidence of job seekers who may already be hurting in this economy.  Why would any employer want to help make your job search more difficult?

The government is beginning to pay attention to the discrimination against the unemployed, so hopefully something will be done to eliminate this practice.  In the mean time, continue to stay positive during your job search.  I’m sure there are many employers just waiting to hire you.

Guest Post by: William Frierson is a staff writer for, Source:; article courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap, a content exchange service sponsored by, a leading site for college students looking for internships and recent graduates searching for entry level jobs and other career opportunities.

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