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Are you an entry-level job seeker looking to get out there and find your first position?  Making your first attempt marks the beginning of quite an adventure as you look to meet your goal of entering the workforce.  As a newbie, it is easy to make a few mistakes here and there that could slow your ability to find work.  So to get a successful start, here are some entry-level mistakes to avoid:

1. Ignoring the Internet

If someone from the old-school world of job seeking has educated you on how to find a job, you’ve probably been told to open up the classifieds, find a job you’re interested in, type up a resume, print it, and mail it to an employer.

While this method still works, there is so much more to gain from conducting your job searches over the Internet.  If you haven’t noticed, many employers post job availability on their Web sites, Craigslist, job boards, or other online formats.  Additionally, many employers ask candidates to submit their resumes online.

You can find leads for jobs through social networking sites and can even post your resume online to be found by recruiters.  In other words, the benefits of conducting your search online are many and should be utilized in order to realize the success you want.

2. Failing to Create Targeted Resumes

Another mistake many entry-level job seekers make is failing to create targeted resumes.  This means they don’t create new resumes that are geared toward showing that their job history (if any), skills, and accomplishments fall in line with the company’s needs when submitting each new job application.  If you want to convince an employer that you’re the best fit for a job, a targeted resume is the way to go.

3. Forgetting to Prepare for the Interview

It’s a common mistake of entry-level job seekers to develop a nonchalant attitude toward interviews.  If you’ve never been on one, it’s hard to know what to expect, of course.  And while it’s true that you shouldn’t bite all of your fingernails off before your first interview, you do want to take it seriously, as it is often what will make or break your chances of being hired.

So how can you prepare?  A good way is to find a list of commonly asked interview questions online, then set up a mock interview where a friend pretends to be the employer and asks you those questions.  This gives you a chance to come up with great answers that you can be proud of in your interview.

Conducting a successful job search takes practice.  And as you know, practice makes perfect.  So if you keep your overall career goals in mind while working out the nuances listed above, your practice could land you the perfect job of your dreams.

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