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When applying for a job, your cover letter is your ticket to making sure your resume doesn’t end up collecting dust or making a visit to the Addressing cover lettersshredder or deleted files folder. You spend hours tailoring your cover letter or hire a service to help you ensure that your cover letter is specific to the job, well written, and designed to give you the best possible shot at the job. After all that hard work, you don’t want anything to go wrong, but there is one detail you might overlook. After all that work making sure your cover letter wasn’t generic to the position, you also need to make sure it isn’t generic to its recipient.

Finding the Hiring Manager

You want your cover letter to be specifically addressed to the person who is going to be reading it, but unfortunately, that information isn’t posted on job boards. What are you to do? You want to avoid the generic Dear Sir or Madam approach, but how do you find the name of the person to whom you should be addressing your cover letter?

Research the Company Website

One thing you can try is searching the company’s website. Look at the Management or Who We Are pages, or check out the About Us section. If that doesn’t work, check out the company’s media and press pages.

Couldn’t Hurt to Google It

You can also try conducting an online search for the company name as well as the job title of the person who will be reading your resume. You would be surprised what you can find on Google.

Check out LinkedIn

You can find some great gems of information on LinkedIn. Look up the company, the company’s page and anyone employed there – you never know what a little digging might turn up. Another plus? You can make connections with people within the company to and start your networking efforts ahead of time!

Pick Up the Phone

If all else fails, you can always call the company. Tell them that you are applying for the position and that you would like to obtain the name and business address of the person in charge of hiring for the position. The chances are good that they will give it to you.

Still No Luck

While most companies will be happy to give you the name of the hiring manager if you cannot find it elsewhere, there is always a chance that you will be left with a cover letter and no name to address it to. If so, addressing it to “The Hiring Manager” will have to work. The good news is that if you couldn’t find the name of the hiring manager, the chances are good that the other candidates couldn’t either. But if you make the call and get the name, you are helping your cover letter stand out among a sea of generic ones, showing that you are willing to take extra steps to get the job.

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    How Do I Find Who to Address My Cover Letter to?

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