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Are you on LinkedIn? If you’re looking for a job, or trying to grow your career, chances are you’re using this powerful tool. It’s the biggest networking site in the world for professionals, with more than 238 million members worldwide. So, has anyone ever really gotten the job of their dreams using LinkedIn?


Read on.

Paul Nuyen’s LinkedIn Success Story

Paul Nuyen is a business development manager working out of Ontario, Canada. He was laid off from his job at a major company in October of 2011, and he thought that with his experience as a software sales engineer, he’d have no trouble picking up another job. However, in three months, he was still out of work. Then a friend offered him a job as a recruiter, and surprise! His former employer asked him to find a candidate for his old job. The candidate he found for his old job told him that her former company was hiring; they offered him a recommendation, and he got the job.

Jacob Erlick’s LinkedIn Job Search Success Story

Jacob Erlick is a pricing analyst for Southwest Airlines. He’d always wanted to work for Southwest, and had applied a number of times without success. And every time he interviewed, he connected on LinkedIn with employees and recruiters from the airline. Finally, his many connections bore fruit, and he got his longed-for job with Southwest.

Rachel Abady’s LinkedIn Job Search Success Story

Rachel Abady is an associate video programming manager with AOL. She used her dad’s profile to get the job! She’d made the mistake of thinking that LinkedIn was just for “oldsters,” but she found the posting while visiting her father’s Colgate University LinkedIn group. She e-mailed the recruiter, got the job, and now has her own LinkedIn profile.

Nicolette Weinbaum’s LinkedIn Job Search Success Story

Nicolette Weinbaum wanted to work in Manhattan for the summer. The problem was, she was just a college freshman, and she had no connections. Neither did her parents. Finally, she used $200 of her summer wages to set up a LinkedIn ad seeking an internship. Within just a month, her ad had been viewed more than twelve thousand times, mostly by senior executives. She received offers from venerable organizations like Bloomberg, the New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, Thomson Reuters and Citigroup. Ultimately, she accepted an internship with Edulence.

Nataly Kelly’s LinkedIn Job Search Success Story

Nataly Kelly was looking for someone to publish a book she’d written called Found in Translation. Working with an agent got her nowhere, so she searched LinkedIn for publishers. Finally, Perigree, which is a division of Penguin, agreed to publish her book.

Moral of these 5 stories … If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, set one up today and start networking. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.

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