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I should start off by saying that this article is geared towards U.S. job seekers and doesn’t necessarily apply to international résumé standards. That being said, let’s get down to business. If you are one of the job seekers out there that is including your picture on your résumé please stop. Seriously, DO NOT DO IT! Having your picture on your résumé is just asking for trouble. You are opening yourself up for all sorts of issues by including it.

Why, you might be asking? I’m good looking, attractive, cute, have a nice smile, look friendly, appear smart, give off a good employee vibe, etc, etc. Do you want to be hired or more importantly NOT hired based solely on how you look and not on your qualifications? Because if you include your picture, sad to say that can and will happen. You might have the greatest experience and best credentials but if a hiring manager can’t get past the picture then your qualifications won’t even matter.

Imagine if you will – a hiring manager has two résumés, both with fantastic skills, extensive experience and superior accomplishments. One has a picture, one doesn’t. If this hiring manager has any reaction to your picture it can influence his decision. It happens, people judge people all the time based on looks. Maybe the hiring manager will judge your glasses, crooked smile, hairstyle, clothing choice, background, facial expression etc. Don’t give them a chance to make any assumptions based on anything other than your professional history.

Including your picture can also have the opposite effect. If you are an attractive person do you want to be hired because of the way you look? (Maybe in this economy people would resort to that but I wouldn’t advise it!) Do you really want to work for an organization where your value proposition has more to do with your appearance that your qualifications?

You might think that adding your picture to your résumé gives it a personal feel and you would be right. It does give it a personal feel and that is exactly what you don’t want. Keep your résumé professional, highlight your personal brand, your qualifications, expertise and education but leave out the personal information. That not only includes your picture but any reference to your physical appearance, hobbies, talents, marital status and family information.

You might saying, “Well, what about the interview, can’t they judge me by my appearance then?” You’d be right, they can judge you then but it’s a lot harder when you can get them to overlook your physical appearance when you dazzle them with your personality and amazing interview skills!
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