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A recent article from the Wall Street Journal took a look at ways that a job seeker can update his or her resume to suit the needs of hiring managers in 2011.  While the article focused on individuals who have been out of work for 10 or more years, the tips provided are well suited for anyone who is looking for a job in today’s competitive workforce.  If you are on the job hunt and are looking for advice, here are some highlights from the article to take with you as you work on your resume.

Use Both Online and Offline Resume Tools

One great takeaway from the WSJ article is that job seekers of today need to begin using the traditional Word document as well as online options to get their resumes in front of the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters.

Making use of LinkedIn is highly recommended as a vehicle for getting noticed because it is a top tool used by companies to find quality talent.  LinkedIn, along with Twitter, a Google Profile, or even your professional blog, allows recruiters and managers to contact you with one click to your e-mail, making communication flow more smoothly than it would with a traditional resume.

Follow Hiring Managers’ Submission Guidelines

The article points out that the job market is in the midst of a transition stage when it comes to how applications are submitted.  To be safe, don’t assume that you will always submit via e-mail, online form, or snail mail.  Instead, read the submission instructions carefully in order to follow the guidelines specifically.  Also, be sure to include all documents requested in order to ensure that you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Move Beyond the One-Page Resume

Another interesting point made in the article is that the one-page resume is no longer the standard for mid-career and executive applicants.  While the shorter resume makes sense for the applicant with very little experience, candidates with a wealth of experience need not try to squeeze it all onto one page.

Howard Seidel, a partner at Essex Partners in Boston who was interviewed by WSJ, explained that expanding the resume to two—or even three pages—is a good thing.  However, he noted that “giving the first page enough punch to entice the reader to delve further” is also crucial.

Avoid Overused Words and Phrases

You may have been accustomed to adding go-to phrases like “team player” and “innovative” to your resume, but they have become overused in the eyes of managers, which is why it’s a good idea to avoid them if possible.  LinkedIn recently came up with a list of the top-10 overused terms.  They include “dynamic”, “motivated”, “results-oriented”, and “proven track record” and should be replaced with lesser-used and more accurate descriptions of your accomplishments in the workplace.

There’s nothing like great advice from experts to keep you on the right path throughout your job search.  These tips from the Wall Street Journal can give your hunt just the boost it needs for 2011.

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