Stop Being Lost in the Crowd – Capture the Hiring Manager’s Attention with a Branded LinkedIn Profile

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Is your LinkedIn profile a verbatim recreation of your resume?  Or is it a unique and complementary representation of you and your job search?  I know a plethora of job seekers who simply cut and paste their resumes right into their LinkedIn profiles.  Let me tell you why this is NOT the best job search strategy.  I’ll also tell you how to capture the hiring manager’s attention and—potentially—the interview.

1.  If you’re putting your LinkedIn profile address on your resume, then you can expect employers to go there (You are putting this on your resume, right?  Please tell me you’re including this on your resume!).  So instead of just repeating what they’ve already just read, give them something new, inspiring, and something that makes them want to connect.  Hiring managers don’t just hire skills—they hire personalities.  Let them see part of yours—and make it shine.

2.  90% or better of employers are now going online to research their potential candidates.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather they find my LinkedIn profile and the information I’ve put together in it at the top of their search results rather than some college kid’s rants on his personal blog or FB page about a drunken party (who just happens to share your name).  They will search for you; give them great information to confirm that you are the best candidate for the job.

3.  People want a personal connection and to know you’re a great match on paper and in person.  You can be slightly more laid back on LinkedIn and discuss interests and expand on your background and expertise in ways you can’t on your resume.  Reading lists, blog articles, groups, connections, etc.  These are all ways to show the employer who you are and—again—what you have to offer.  Position yourself as a subject matter expert—and when the hiring manager needs someone in your industry, they’ll know just who to come to.

I could go on and on about why branding your LinkedIn profile is so important, but the bottom line is: If you want to be found by recruiters and hiring managers, if you want to cement your reputation and brand in their mind and secure the interview, start branding your profile today.  Otherwise, you’re just the same as every other joe jobseeker among the millions of people on  LinkedIn.  Stop being like everyone else and blending in and be discovered today.  Learn more about professional LinkedIn profile development here.

Expert resume writer Jessica Hernandez is the President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast a top-tier job search and resume writing firm. Jessica and her team’s work has secured top careers for forward-focused executives and professionals. Named to numerous career expert blogs, Web sites and Twitter lists, she is a credentialed writer, former fortune 500 hiring manager and frequent media source, author, columnist, and published contributor to multiple career, job search and resume advice books. Jessica is also the Resume Makeover coach for the JobTalkAmerica radio program and offers her expert advice and tips weekly on the show.


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